During COVID many drivers’ licenses have expired. The DVLA initially gave extensions so that drivers could continue to drive and work. For many drivers however, this extension is coming to an end. 

Some Drivers are now being told by the DVLA to ask their GP if they are “fit to drive” so that they can continue to drive under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (RTA 1988). The DVLA has produced a leaflet which explains RTA 1988. 

GPs are not usually qualified to advise patients whether or not they are fit to drive. In normal circumstances a practice may provide a factual report for the DVLA so that their expert medical advisers will decide upon fitness.  We are happy to provide a patient summary which is compiled from your medical records.  It is not the responsibility of NHS general practice to provide ‘Fit to Drive’ under section 88 and the policy of this practice is always to refuse such requests.
Please contact the DVLA who have Medicolegal Advisors that may help you.